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Career Guidance

Evaluating and Identifying a person’s personality, interest, aptitude and values is like a puzzle that are put together to form a complete and unique picture. Placing that picture in the bigger picture of life brings fulfillment in both my client’s as well as my own life.

The process includes:

  1. The administration of the following test:
    1. Value scale
    2. Personality Questionnaire
    3. Interest questionnaire
    4. Aptitude test ( Only for clients up to 17 years of age)
  2. Feedback session
  3. Written report


I am Theresa van Niekerk, registered psychometrist for independent practice and counselor registered at the council for counselors. I finished my Honors Degree in Psychology at the North West University in 2000. In 2001 I finished my teachers qualification at UNISA . I have done several counselling courses which includes Christian Counselling and the Imago Counselling course.

I believe that each individual is designed for purpose. Within a nurturing environment you can grow into your full potential. Discovering the path to reaching your full potential is a road of self-discovering.

By restoring connection and creating a safe space in relationships, healing of the relationship takes place as well as healing within individuals.



Theresa van Niekerk: 0845170183

Constantiapark Pretoria

e-mail: tvnpsychometric@gmail.com