Is the way that I show love hurting?

We all love in a certain way. That way is usually predetermined by our own language… language.

The happiness of your relationship is dependent of both party’s willingness to learn and grow. If you live with the idea that how you think, feel and handle life is the only right way, I can guarantee you that your partner is unhappy, feels unseen and unheard.

Both of you come from different upbringings, have different personalities (in most cases opposites) and different ways of seeing most things in life. Both of you also have different ways of showing and experiencing love.

The question then is: Is the way that I show love hurting?

If the way that you show love leaves your partner unfulfilled or rejected you are doing something wrong.

The answer to that question will be found if you start to look at your partner as if for the first time. Be inquisitive and eager to learn. listen with a curious mind. Even if you do not understand be attentive.

Listen how Danny Silk explains the love languages and learn how to love your partner so that he/she feels loved.

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