Conflict needs to be resolved.

Many times when marriages ends the reason is: ” We are not compatible”. The truth is that there is space in a marriage for 2 completely opposite people. That is how balance is created. Two poles of equal weight makes the scale balance.

It is easier to avoid conflict and that leads to bult up unresolved issues. Those unresolved issues drive couples further and further apart from each other until it is too late.

The key is to learn the art of communication and learn to appreciate the differences, explore it and validate it. That is usually a very difficult skill to learn by yourself especially if your relationship is already explosive.

That is what Imago facilitators like myself specialize in, to help you achieve that.

Rick warren said the following: ” The greater your differences, the greater your potential for growth.” A mind shift is necessary; to not see your differences as a threat, but as potential for growth.

Invest in this time to watch this amazing video of Rick Warren where he talks about conflict resolution and share wonderful insights that he gained from years of experience working with couples.

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