Conflict is growth trying to happen – Harvel Hendrix

Relationships go through 3 basic stages:

  1. Being in love.
  2. Power struggle.
  3. True love and partnership.

When being in love moves to the power struggle, that is when conflict starts. The conflict stage is when you are challenged to grow and heal together. Hurts from childhood tends to surface and those hurt needs to be nourished so that healing can take place.

When you have gone through that power struggle you will experience emotional intimacy on a whole different level and that is when you experience true love and partnership that could last a lifetime.

Listen how Harvel end Helen Henrix – the founders of the Imago therapy- explain it. It is amazing to see the dynamics of their relationship and how they communicate.

The imago communication techniques is the best and most effective way of getting from stage 1 to 3 successfully.

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