Why should you trust me to be your relationship counsellor?

For 14 years I have found myself in a relationship where we both were unable to communicate on an intimate level. The result was that there have been little to none emotional connection and because of that we drifted apart. Unresolved issues piled up and became like a mountain between us. Our relationship reached a place where there was no turning back and that was the end.

The end of our relationship was also the beginning of the devastating stage of hurt, rejection and struggles for my children.

With regret I can say that I know how it feels to be in a relationship where I do not know how to fix it and everything I try, just isn’t enough. Worst of all, I felt ashamed of this and did not ask for help. I did not know that there really was help out there. I felt like a complete failure.

Today I find myself in a fortunate position where I found many answers and methods of how to do things differently. There is so much hope that I desperately want to share with people that find themselves in the same place that I have been.

If I can help people to find the intimate connection and love that everybody so desperately looks for, I can also prevent families being torn apart and children being hurt.

The Imago way of communication is the most effective way for couples to find a connection that is more intimate and deep than ever before. You are guided and taught how to listen and talk in such a way that both have the opportunity to find healing for the deepest wounds that still influence your relationship.

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