Recovery to Wholeness

  • Re-discover yourself : When you lost yourself in a relationship that ended, you might find yourself drifting in an emotional vacuum, not being able to ground yourself.
  • Find emotional healing : When a relationship ends through divorce or separation it can be extremely traumatic. That needs to be dealt with to enable a person to go on with life.
  • Finding a support system that understands you: Being surrounded by people that understands what you go through can make an enormous difference in your ability to grow and heal.
  • Prevent wrong decisions: Because of a feeling that there is a void in your life, you might tend to fill the void with the wrong things just to feel whole again, which can worsen your situation.

Recovery to wholeness is a 7 week program that is offered in a group of maximum 8 people.

Date: First session 3 May 2023

Venue: 549 Robert Craib, Constantia Park

Cost: R 100 per session